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At Lost World Adventures, we are passionate about Overland travel, specializing in Overland and Expedition tours for owners of 4x4 vehicles, Europe and Beyond. This does not always mean offroad but vehicle dependant travel in allowing us to explore areas that many others just pass by.

We aim to make our tours a relaxing 4x4 Overland adventure using where possible the network of trails, tracks and unmade roads, we travel in groups to cover many types of terrain, through ancient landscapes, over rolling, open downland to and through secluded valleys, mountain pistes and woods, following the same routes used since prehistoric times by travelers, herdsmen, smugglers and soldiers.

If your looking for an Overland Expedition Adventure holiday with something different and you own a 4x4 vehicle then this may be for you, we have trips to suit all abilities and all 4x4 vehicles, we are not a hardcore offroad company, some tours do have some technical offroad section but do not worry if you are a first timer, we work as a team to help and guide everyone through.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours soon.

Vehicle dependant Overland Expedition Adventures and offroad tours throughout Europe and beyond.

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